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One off 30 minute Lessons  £14.00

One off 1 hour Lessons        £25.00

5 X One hour Lessons          £105.00   

5 X 30 minute Lessons    £66.00   

10 x 30 minute Lessons          £125.00

10 X One hour Lessons   £200.00   

Terms and conditions - 24 hours notice must be given for any cancellations without exception or the lesson will still be charged at the full rate. Lesson bookings are none refundable. Failure to show for a lesson will result in the lesson being charged in full. Students are unable to make partial payments for lessons and failure the pay the full amount for the lesson at the start will result in the lesson not taking place and no future lessons being booked.
Arriving late for a lesson will result in only the remaining time alloted being given to the student at the full cost of the time booked.


Before I met Neil, I could only ever write music with guitarists and additional musicians as I couldn't play myself, I could only sing. I never have had a desire to be next Jimi Hendrix but I had music in my head that I couldn't translate as I didn't play and therefore writing with other people always meant compromise. When I met Neil & he started to teach me the guitar, it opened up a whole new world. His technique training was invaluable but also the music he taught me with, was music that I loved.....not "songs I'd never heard of". It made me want to play. Now, in the last 18months, my band has toured Europe and the UK with the likes of The Kaiser Chiefs, Simple Minds and Ocean Colour Scene - some of the songs we play would never have happened without Neil's tuition for which I not only recommend but am eternally grateful for."
Martin Finnigan - The rainband

I started guitar lessons with Neil Maunder at the Newton Heath School 4 months ago. This is my second attempt having struggled the first time 30 years ago. This time I opted for lessons and am very happy with my steady progress. Neil is a great teacher and has a lot of patience with you as you struggle along. The School Teachers have all been very friendly and make you feel welcome. Their new building is the perfect creative environment for learning music. I have taken 16 lessons covering all Major, Minor, 7th and 9th chords in three neck positions with the Minor Pentatonic, Major, Minor, Pentatonic Blues scales in various keys and modes, and music by Eric Clapton, Gary Moore, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimmy Hendrix, The Beatles, Blue Öyster Cult, Doobie Brothers and more. I am very satisfied with my progress and have just booked a further 10 lessons which I find is really great value for money. If you a serious about learning to play guitar I highly recommend this school.
Bryan Prestbury
Satisfied Student